Quick and Easy Messy Bun

For me, I’ve always struggled with being able to throw my hair up into a quick and easy messy bun without looking like I had just rolled out of bed. Although I get complimented on my messy buns here and there, that’s after me messing around with my hair for at least a solid half hour (and wanting to cut all my hair off in the process). My hair is the longest it’s ever been so it’s been getting even harder to put my hair up without looking ridiculous. However, a few days ago, I was on youtube looking up messy bun tutorials and I came across one that is an absolute life saver, so I thought I would share it with you all!

I’m sure all of you have heard of a donut that is used in hair to create buns. This uses that effect but… without the donut bun. It creates a more natural look and is very easy to do! Because I found this tutorial on youtube, I will link the video below if you have trouble understanding any of the steps!

Materials needed: one ponytail & bobby pins to pin any loose hairs

Step 1: Gather all your hair like you would when you would create a ponytail and situate the hair on your head where you want your bun to be. Hold your hair with your left hand and place the ponytail on your right wrist so it is available when needed.

Step 2: Like you would for a donut bun, flip the hair over the top of your hand so the hair is spread out evenly. With your right hand, grab the top of the hair and secure the ponytail around it. Your hair should now have a small bun with many longer hairs sticking out at the bottom.

Step 3: Adjust the size of the original bun to your liking. Once that is completed, grab the extra hairs in sections and tuck them into the ponytail by flipping them up and into the elastic. If any hairs are sticking out, secure them with a bobby pin and you’re set to go!

Last night, I was messing around with one of my friend’s hair and I decided to try this hairstyle on her. I ended up completing it on all three as it is just so easy and painless to do! Let me know if you try this as I would love to see how it turned out!

YouTube Tutorial


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