Braided Updo

As many of you can probably already tell, I love doing hairstyles on other people. Something about it just makes me so happy. One of my favorite things is searching Pinterest for new hairstyles to challenge me and what I can do. A couple posts back, I showed you all a recent bun tutorial that I found extremely easy and stylish to complete. Recently, a friend of mine asked me to put her hair up for the night so I decided to pair that bun with two dutch braids, one on either side, to complete the look.

I taught myself how to dutch braid many years back from a Youtube tutorial I found online (you probably could’ve guessed that though). It’s basically like french braiding but instead of grabbing additional hair from the same side, you reach underneath the braid and grab it from the opposite side. This allows the braid to stick out more, causing a more defined look. Also, once the braids are completed, I pull at parts of the braid to make the braid larger. Personally, I like the look of dutch braids more than french as they create such a statement.

My favorite part about this hairstyle on Gretchen is how the blonde in her hair stands out from the brunette in the dutch braid and in the bun. Below I will link a tutorial on how to complete a simple dutch braid so you can try it for yourself! Good luck and happy braiding!


Dutch Braid YouTube Tutorial

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