Why Casey Neistat is My #1 Inspiration

First, before you can understand and grasp what I am about to say, you need to know who Casey is. In order to do this, I have linked a short “Draw My Life” video that he created to tell the world his story.

Casey Neistat – Draw My Life

Casey Neistat was born March 25th, 1981. Ever since then, his life has been an uphill battle, dealing with anything that has come his way. I first discovered Casey a few years back on Youtube. At this point in his life, he had not started his daily vlogging (which is what got me really hooked.) Just the way he made his videos was so intriguing and the creative content in them was really unique.

And then, a few years later, on March 25, 2015, Casey started vlogging. By doing this, viewers received insight to what his daily life consisted of, a new company he was working on starting, his new tech gadgets he would receive in the mail, basically, just anything you could ever imagine. However, my favorite vlogs were the ones that contained many different sorts of advice. They were the ones that truly made me feel something as it was coming from someone that has gone through so much. To this day, I rewatch these videos over and over if I ever need a pick-me-up or I just need some motivation to get me through the day so Casey, I thank you for that.

One of the most inspirational things about Casey is he never stops working. Everything he has now was once earned by a means of working hard for it, and he’s not even close to done. It was for this reason that he decided to stop vlogging a few weeks ago. He first started vlogging to challenge himself to create new content everyday but as months went on, he found it beginning to get easy for him and was struggling to find interesting content about his everyday life to post in that day’s episode. Although I am truly upset about this decision (considering I would look forward to watching everyday), I know that this is the best for him and his career as he continues to grow his personal brand. Below, I have linked a few of my favorite videos and I hope you can share in the great love and respect I have for him!


“Proudest Moment of My Life”“Losers and Closers”“Life Explained in 27 Seconds”“The Most Dangerous Thing in Life”(skip to 3:50)



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