Winters in Wisconsin

Okay so you can probably tell that these pictures were taken in advance because there is absolutely no way that it looks like this outside right now… However, in winter, it is very hard to come up with cute outfits that are still cozy. Whenever I have to leave my room, I just want to wrap my comforter around me and walk out the door. Usually in the cold winter months, I opt for very simple and comfortable outfits considering it will be hidden by my parka most of the time anyway as I trek to class in the freezing Wisconsin weather.

Like mentioned in a previous blog post, my L.L. Bean boots are an absolute go to for the fall and winter months. Although it gets quite chilly during Wisconsin winters, pair these boots with a pair of warm wool socks and you’re ready to go. I picked up this pair of pants from American Eagle a few years ago and I can honestly say that these are the comfiest pair of jeans that I have owned. (Well I kinda cheated actually. These are not actually jeans, they’re jeggings. But close enough right????) The color is perfect for the wintertime as it’s a dark maroon, burgundy color. Paired with it on top, I’m wearing a simple black and gray striped long-sleeve and my tan zip-up jacket that I recently picked up from Forever 21.

Also, just a life update as well. I am currently packing up my dorm room as I will be moving to a different apartment style housing with three close friends for next semester. Perks of this include my own room, a full size bed, and bigger closet space to name a few so I’m sure you can imagine just how excited I am.

With finals and the holidays approaching, I’m feeling mixed emotions towards these last few days of the semester. I’m working hard to push through as I can’t wait to see my family and friends over break! To anyone that is struggling with studying for finals right now, imagine yourself relaxing at home and how relieved you’ll be once it is over. Good luck to everyone out there studying for finals and have a great last week of the semester!


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