How To: Avoid the Winter Blues

With winter comes colder weather and shorter days. More often than not, because of this, people start to fall into a rut and feel as if they are cramped up inside with nothing to do. I, myself, fall victim to this as well. With winter already setting in fast, I have come up with a few tips for both you guys and myself to help prevent the winter blues!

  1. Get out and do things! – Okay so I know this may be harder than it seems considering I am practically married to my bed. But, by getting out and doing things with friends and family and staying active, your mind and your body will stay preoccupied and will not focus on what time of year it is! For example, go to a coffee shop like pictured above. Winter break is nearly here and I can’t wait to meet with friends and catch up!
  2. Start something new! – For myself, my blog will become my escape this winter since I just recently made it. I love coming up with new post ideas and expressing my thoughts to everyone! It helps to get my ideas out instead of keeping them all inside my mind.
  3. Create a cozy space! – As of right now my dorm “living room” area (yes, I know, dorms aren’t thaaatttt big) has become my go-to cozy area. Both my roommate and I have many comfy pillows and now a new warm and fuzzy blanket due to a friend that left it here on accident (thanks Roe ;)). We have had up our little Christmas tree decorated as well as two sets of lights strung up underneath our beds! It creates a perfect setting for studying, scrolling through Pinterest, or simply cozying up and watching a movie with friends!
  4. Listen to music! – I know that whenever I’m feeling down, music will always be there for me to lift my mood and spirits! Create a new playlist with your favorite tunes that you listen to every time the winter blues begin to get to you. Trust me, it works!
  5. Take care of yourself! – I cannot tell you how important this one is. Learning how to take care of yourself and your body is extremely important around this time of year. Know that it is okay to treat yourself here and there as you deserve it! This time of year becomes stressful with finals, Christmas shopping and just the holidays in general! Do what’s best for yourself and listen to your mind and body if it is giving you signs.

However you may tackle the winter blues, just know that it is extremely normal to feel this way during this time of year. Just remember to take care of yourself and stay busy and you will thank yourself!


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