December/Holiday Favorites

The holidays are no doubt my favorite time of the year! So many things around this time of year bring myself, and many others, so much joy. With Christmas right around the corner, I though I would share some of these favorites with you all!

  1. Hot Chocolate – Okay, this one is always a must, no matter your age. Ever since I was just a little one, I remember sledding with my grandfather and then afterwards, warming up indoors with a nice hot cup of hot chocolate. This drink is a classic for the holiday season so when I was home last, I begged my mother to buy me hot chocolate K-cups for my Keurig in my dorm! They are perfect for a nice warm treat, even when on-the-go.
  2. Decorative Mug – Anyone who knows me well, knows I have an obsession with coffee cups/mugs. I mean, half the excitement of drinking something warm is the thing it comes in, right…? I picked up this mug from the T.J.Maxx in my hometown and let me tell you, that is one of the best places to get cute, decorative mugs for extremely cheap!
  3. Candy Canes – Another childhood favorite. A few weeks ago, my mother sent me a care package (okay, maybe just a ‘candy’ package) to help get me through these last few weeks of this first semester. It contained many holiday sweets, including a few candy canes! With this being my first year not being in my hometown around most of the holiday season, these definitely made me feel at home.
  4. Christmas Movies – I about freaked out when I discovered that “The Santa Clause” was on Netflix last night (although, I couldn’t yell too loud considering my dorm hall now has this thing called “dead hours” for those studying for finals…whatever that means). My family owned this movie on VHS back when those were still a thing, but now I can’t find the movie and our VHS/DVD player broke so…
  5. Mini Christmas Tree – Huge shoutout to my mom for winning this at one of her annual work Christmas parties so I could steal it for myself. Ever since I have made it my own, it has always found a home in my bedroom where a real Christmas tree (I wish) can’t fit. This year, I brought it back to college with me after I went home for Thanksgiving break and it was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. I decorated it with tiny little ornaments that I got from Walmart and it really makes it feel like Christmas in our cramped and cozy dorm!
  6. Lavender Nail Polish – Contrary to popular belief, this color is perfect for the holiday season. Normally, deep reds and other dark colors are worn in the wintertime but I absolutely love the way this color contrasts that. Try breaking out of the typical holiday colors and try something new, you might be surprised!
  7. Festive Socks – Again, anyone that knows me knows that I also have an obsession with crew socks. So what could be better than winter crew socks?? I recently picked these up from Target when I was home last (Black Friday shopping to be exact) and I absolutely love them. Even though they were cheap, they are extremely warm and cute too!
  8. Lotion – ‘Tis the season for chapped and dry EVERYTHING am i right?? I swear I am prone to getting chapped lips and dry skin during this time of year, no matter how much lotion or chapstick I apply. However, they are still essentials each and every day! The scent “Sugar Berry Smash” is one I got a few years ago from Bath & Body Works and I absolutely love it! Find your favorite scent as you will definitely need it!

Even though this seems like a lot, it is only touching on the surface of my December/holiday favorites. With Christmas right around the corner, I’m getting even more excited to finish up with finals, travel home and celebrate the holidays with my friends and families!


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