Holiday/Winter Makeup

For the holidays as well as the wintertime, a versatile, go-to makeup look is a must. For this reason, I came up with a quick and easy makeup look that will go with just about anything!

First I begin with the basic BB Cream, then foundation, then concealer, then powder, face routine that I do every day before completing my eyes. Recently, I have really been loving the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer in Original as it is a nude color that dries clear. For this look, I used my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette as it has many neutral colors. First I applied “Bootycall,” a light nude color, to the entire eyelid. Using a small crease brush, I then applied “Suspect,” a shimmery brown-gold color, to the outer third portion of my eye as well as the outer two-thirds of the crease. To finish the eyeshadow, I used the color “Snakebite,” a darker shimmery brown-gold color, to darken the crease and corner to give a sort of ombré look. For the eyeliner, I used the Revlon Colorstay liquid eye pen as it allows for more control and finished the look off with a coat of the Maybelline GreatLash mascara in “Brownish Black.”

For the lips I started with the Revlon Colorstay lipliner in the color “Mauve” and filled in my entire lip. I then went over it with the Revlon lipstick in the color “445 – Teak Rose” to add more depth (to be quite honest, this was an old dance competition lipstick and I still use it to this day…). To clean up any messy edges and to make the lip more refined, I finished it off by tracing around my lips with a small brush using my Revlon Photoready concealer in the color “Light Pale” because, you know, I’m pale…

I know that this will continue to be my go-to holiday/wintertime makeup look as it’s super simple and easy and yet still looks good! Pictured below is the Naked 2 palette so it is easy to see what colors I used and match them if you do not own the same one!


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