Life Update – Holiday Festivities

I did it! My first semester is finally in the books and I could honestly not be happier. It took a lot more pushing-through than I thought but once it was complete, I felt an instant weight lifted off of my shoulder. There is no better feeling than leaving campus with your family knowing that you are going to be home for a month and do not have any school responsibilities while there.

Even though winter break begins late for many college students (mine began December 22nd as that was when my last final was), I have had a great first few days already while at home. Christmas Eve consisted of a family gathering at my home while watching the Packer game before church, and then after my entire mom’s side went to my grandmother’s house to open presents and play a new Christmas game. (Disclaimer: My team definitely should have won the game as I was the best-dressed “snowman” there was, but my aunt’s excuse for not picking my team was that I couldn’t win two years in a row..;) ).

Yesterday was Christmas day and it began with opening presents with my parents and sister in the morning as we always do. However, this was the latest we ever woke up for it as we were all completely dead from the night before. I then got ready and went over to my boyfriend’s house to open up a few gifts there as well. I got to spend some time with his family before I headed over to my nana’s house (my dad’s mother) as we always do. we opened gifts and played the game Left, Right, Center but with small gifts instead of quarters. Despite the gag gifts (a large pair of white underwear, a fart machine, etc.), I ended up with some bath bombs from Lush, some scratch-off tickets and some candy so I would say it ended up being pretty successful. I ended the night with going back over to my boyfriend’s house and sitting around the kitchen table with his family playing many different card games. Although, I did wake up with a headache this morning…

All-in-all, I would like to think it was a very enjoyable couple of days despite being away from home for most of the days leading up to Christmas. I am so grateful for my family and the gifts I received, as well as being able to spend time and share so many memories and laughs with them. I can no longer say “Merry Christmas!” anymore considering it is now over, but I hope everyone did have a Merry Christmas this year and I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!


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