OOTD – Christmas Day

Yes, this is my fifth post today and no, I’m not sorry about it…

So I just cannot get enough of how much joy this Christmas has brought me and I wish I had more festivities and gatherings to attend. However, because today is a day to relax for my family and I, I am spending it laying in bed, eating leftover chips and dip while writing several blog posts and to me, that’s living the dream.

Yesterday, I wanted to be comfortable and wear pants that would expand with myself as I ate more and more food (hence, the leggings). Funny story about these boots actually.. We were sitting around our living room opening gifts yesterday morning when halfway through, my mom realized she forgot to wrap a present for me. She ran back into her bedroom, grabbed the box, ran downstairs and wrapped it in record timing. It ended up being these boots and to be quite honest, they are my favorite gift! I love the neutral color as I can wear them with many things and they are great quality so I can wear them on any winter terrain. Thank god she didn’t forget about them completely as I needed these!

I received this sweater from my grandmother on Christmas Eve and it is now my favorite sweater I own. You can never go wrong with a cableknit sweater, especially an oatmeal colored one! But for real though, shoutout to this extremely comfy outfit yesterday as I don’t think I would’ve survived without it…


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