Month Recap: December

Boy did December really fly by fast! I successfully finished my first semester of college and although it was not as exciting as I’d hoped it to be, it went extremely well. I moved out of my dorm room and into an apartment with three close friends. The cool thing about living here is it’s still part of the university housing and there is a bus that runs every ten minutes to campus (thank god for that in the cold Wisconsin winters). Oh and I get my own bedroom with a full-size bed so that’s pretty cool too.

I’ve been home for about a week and a half now on winter break and I’m enjoying every minute of it while it lasts. I’m going to start working next week now that most of the holiday festivities are over and although that’s depressing, I’m excited to make more money (as I need it). Even though I’ll only be able to work for a couple of weeks, it’s better than nothing considering I’m as broke as a college student could be.

Now that winter break is here and my first semester is over and grades have been posted, I am getting close to ready to send in my application to the school of my dreams. I thought the school I am at currently would suit me well but it just hasn’t turned out that way. This is a big leap for me and I can’t wait to see what the outcome will bring me. Wish me luck!

December was a month of realization for me as I really made progress on this blog, something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve learned not to care so much about what others think of me and to rather focus on my own happiness. This has really changed my outlook on life and I cannot wait to see what this new year brings me.


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