Formal Dance Updo

Ahhhhhh yesssss. The sweet, sweet smell of flower corsages and gallons of hairspray in the air. That’s right, it’s winter formal season and what better way to save money than to do your sister’s hair yourself! I know how stressful it was being a high school girl and trying to plan the hair appointment, who picked up the flowers, what the flowers were going to look like, who my date was going to be (hah sike I’ve been dating my boyfriend for three years so thank GOD I never had that problem), what color dress to have, etc. I would know considering I was literally in this exact position one year ago. And even though I do miss the dressing up and having fun with my friends part, I definitely do not miss the planning.

Considering my little sister is still only a sophomore (also thank god), we decided it would be a good idea to save money this year on this dance so that when she became older, she could really go all out and make a statement. Because of this, I was given the ability (honor) to do her hair and makeup. And I mean, not to brag or anything….., but I think I did a pretty good stinking job on her hair. Not only were we able to do it in the comfort of our own home, but she was able to tell me if she didn’t like the way a certain piece looked without feeling like she was hurting my feelings. (Disclaimer: That was one of the worst parts about getting my hair done for these dances. I was always too nice and even if I didn’t like it, I would lie and say I did just so I wouldn’t hurt the person’s feelings. I remember driving home from an appointment once just bawling my eyes out because I hated it so much. Moral of the story girls, if you hate your hair, tell them!! It’s their job and you’re paying them to do it so they better make you happy!!).

Since her dress was a higher neck dress, we decided on putting it all up into an updo. This way you could focus on the detailing of the lace on the upper part of the dress as well as the partial open-back. Even though it took around two hours (including the occasional break-out into dance and/or song), I would say it turned out pretty great and we saved at least $50! Money well saved and sister bonding time well spent!


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