New Apartment, Who Dis?

Okay but for real, I could not be more excited for this upcoming semester mainly because myself and three other friends are living in an apartment! Not only do we each get our own room but the beds are full size, we don’t have community bathrooms and we have our own laundry! I am so excited and grateful to be able to live here during my second semester at college, especially as a freshman. We all get along great and we have already made some mems (aka me breaking a lightbulb but it’s fine…).

Yesterday morning my family helped me move in all of my stuff and I had all day to decorate my room and anyone that knows me well knows that I literally am a control freak. My room had to be decorated perfect considering I am going to be in there every single day for the next few months. I got these super cute white string lights from Amazon (okay well actually my super cool boyfriend got them for me but same thing) for super cheap!! Most of the decorations in my room are from T.J.Maxx because, well, everything there is super cute for cheap so…. Below are a few pictures that I have taken so far!

We have also spent the past few days decorating our common area (the kitchen and living room) as it is where we will be spending most of our time together. Being the girls that we are, you can already expect a ton of string lights so…

Honestly, this may sound extremely nerdy but I cannot wait for this upcoming semester. Classes start tomorrow and although this week is syllabus week, I can’t wait to sit around the island in the kitchen with my friends doing homework and making dinner together! Stay tuned for future updates as I’m sure there are many future memories to be made!


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