Braided Half-Up Pony

So if you don’t already know, this is my roommate, Gretchen. Basically, all you have to know about us is that our friendship is built on a shared love for food, anything Spongebob related and my ability to recreate any hairstyle found on Pinterest, but on her head. With one hour before our friends’ Valentines Day dinner and Gretchen’s hair a poofball, we searched for a new hairstyle I could try!

Materials needed: three small rubberbands, one ponytail, bobby pins, hairspray, basic French/Dutch braiding skills

  1. So to start off the look, I split her hair into three sections with both parts focused at the corners of her forehead. This creates sections for one top braid as well as two side braids. I pulled them back until about the crown area of her hair and secured it with a ponytail just for the time being as I wanted the sections to stay separated.
  2. I began with one of the side sections and back-combed the hair a tad as it creates a fuller look for the braid. Because I wanted the braids to stand out more, I decided to go with a Dutch braid. If you’re confused or don’t know how to Dutch braid, there are many tutorials that can be found on YouTube (that’s how I learned!). I braided until about the crown area of her head where I secured the braid with the elastic. I then repeated this on the other side of her head for the second side braid.
  3. With both sides braided, the only part left was the top section. To create more volume, I back-combed this section more than the sides. This creates the illusion that there is more volume in the hair. With the Dutch braid completed and secured at the crown of her head, I added a few extra bobby pins just to make sure that the braid was secure.
  4. With all three sections in rubberbands at the crown, I gathered them all together and wrapped a basic ponytail around them and secured the sections into one larger pony. To create the illusion of volume once again, I back-combed some of the hair towards the top of the pony to create a fuller look.

Optional steps: To finish the look I wrapped a small strand around the ponytail to hide it and create a cleaner look as well as curl some pieces of hair to create an effortless look.

With my 100% success rate of being able to recreate every Pinterest hairstyle that has come my way so far, I only have two words for my next challenge:

Bring It



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