Struggling with self-love is something that I am an expert of, believe me. With such a public platform, it’s very nerve-wracking to share on a topic so personal to myself. However, with college bringing many changes to my life, and this being my personal blog, I feel like it is an important topic to touch on.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am most often a very outspoken, bubbly person. But like I said, that goes for people that know me. When it comes to those I am not very comfortable with, I struggle immensely with coming across as I normally do to those that I am comfortable with. As I have progressed through this first year at college, I have learned more about myself than I ever thought existed. I have endured countless life-challenging instances and I have conquered them head-on with a “can do” attitude (even if waking up for an 8am isn’t always my most favorite thing).

You could say that high school wasn’t really my favorite. Towards the end of those years, I piled on the extracurriculars while still trying to tackle multiple AP classes at once, a job or two, and a boyfriend. With so many things going on at once, I found myself struggling with being able to pull from within a self-love attitude. So many challenges were coming my way and I became lost and unsure of what I was doing. However, once high school came to a close, although very sad, I felt a weight lift off of my shoulder and I was determined to make the best of my college years. And so far, I have learned a lot about myself in only 6 short months.

I have also learned a lot about other people as well and how they affect myself and my personal life. Realizing that you need to control your own happiness rather than allowing for someone else to do that for you is the single-handedly most important thing that I have taken away from my time at college. Yes, others can contribute to your happiness no doubt, but at the end of the day, when you are laying in bed at night just waiting to fall asleep, it’s important to be able to say that you genuinely love and care about you, no matter what other people think. Life is too short to worry about how you come across to others and trust me, I would know. Do what makes you happy because you only have, on average, about 80 years to make the best of the life you were given. Wake up everyday with a smile on your face and a can-do attitude and I promise your self-love will increase exponentially.


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