Bring on Spring

Recently, a girl that I had attended high school with reached out to me on Instagram to participate in a lifestyle photography shoot. Not only did it provide her with more content to post, but I got some pretty stinking cool photos out of it! For the ones we took outside, I decided to use … More Bring on Spring

Weekend Shopping Trip

No, not all of these bags are mine (although, I wish they were). This past Saturday, my mom, sister and I decided that we were long overdue for some retail therapy. And boy, we were right. We spent the day traveling, first, to the Albertville, MN outlet mall where there was, (yes, you heard it … More Weekend Shopping Trip

Everyday Makeup

  Alright so the title of this post can be a liiittttllleeee misleading….. Being a college student with fairly early classes, I definitely do NOT do my makeup every morning. However, when I’m feeling up to it and feeling like I want to look like a bad b*tch, I take my time on my makeup … More Everyday Makeup

The Time is Now

Dear all young people of society, Yes, we’ve all been there. We’ve all had those late nights where we stay up, thinking about how scary and unpredictable our future may be. Some have done this more than others but I can guarantee you, we’ve all been there. (And if you say you haven’t, you’re lying). … More The Time is Now

This Too, Shall Pass

Alright so I’m about to get real sentimental and deep with you all so I hope you’re ready. Considering today is another one of those lazy Sundays, I found myself caught up in, yet again, another YouTube video marathon consisting of the usual Casey Neistat along with the motivational talks given by Kalyn Nicholson. I’ve … More This Too, Shall Pass

Goal Setting: March

Ahh, March. Should feel like spring yet, am I right? Apparently not considering it is currently snowing while I go about typing this. With a new month always comes a new wave of inspiration and motivation, at least for me. It allows me to put everything that happened last month, good and bad, behind me … More Goal Setting: March