Goal Setting: March

Ahh, March. Should feel like spring yet, am I right? Apparently not considering it is currently snowing while I go about typing this. With a new month always comes a new wave of inspiration and motivation, at least for me. It allows me to put everything that happened last month, good and bad, behind me and refreshes myself for new weeks ahead.

With my midterms behind me, (at least my first round of them), I am able to take a bit of a breather from school and studying so much. However, just because I say this does not mean that I’m not still working as hard as I can on all of my classes with every chance I get. It’s just now that with midterms behind me, the stress of studying for them is also behind me and I am able to focus on the current topics being talked about in class as much as I can.

But, this new month also places the greatest stress of the year so far onto my shoulders. Recently, I applied to a new university, one that I believe will suit myself and my needs much more than the current. As outlined on their website, I will be finding out my admissions decision before the end of this month. Whether good news or bad, I’m anxious to hear back as this could change the path of my future drastically. Although I will be accepting of the outcome either way, just know that I check my email at least about 50 times a day now, searching for some response.

Wish me luck as I take on another month, looking forward to what the future holds for me!


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