This Too, Shall Pass

Alright so I’m about to get real sentimental and deep with you all so I hope you’re ready.

Considering today is another one of those lazy Sundays, I found myself caught up in, yet again, another YouTube video marathon consisting of the usual Casey Neistat along with the motivational talks given by Kalyn Nicholson. I’ve always watched her videos and appreciated the advice she gave, but never fully resonated with it until now. Kalyn Nicholson puts out a video series of her own that she likes to call, “Coffee Talks.” These videos have a wide range of deeper topics that allow for herself to share her voice and opinion with an audience. She talks from experience with anxiety, depression, heartbreak, you name it.

The video of hers that I have been connecting with recently is, “How to Deal with Anxiety and Stress.” With this being such an important topic, I feel like everyone should know how to deal with and overcome it. Here are some topics she touches on and my personal spin on why I think they’re important to address.

  1. Changing Up Your Routine – Something minor yet oh so important to do. I have found myself many times getting bored with my daily routine as it can become so dull and so typical, especially as a college student. Wake up, eat breakfast, go to class, do homework, go to bed ( with the occasional “Friends” binge now and then). But seriously, try something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the courage to, read a book you’ve always been meaning to, or even just take time out of your day to reflect on your thoughts.
  2. Redirecting Your Energy/Thoughts – Alright so even though this one is extremely difficult to do, once you are able to master this, your entire outlook on life will change completely. When something occurs in your life that causes you a large amount of stress, it’s important to not focus on it too much. Yes I know, it’s easier said than done, I get that (trust me, I do), but once you are able to sort out your thoughts and start asking yourself how you can overcome it rather than dwelling on why it’s occurring, you’ll feel a lot more positive energy in your life.
  3. Let Your Thoughts Pass – As Kalyn describes in her video, if you visualize your thoughts as clouds and picture them coming and going rather than staying, you’ll be able to let go of many things that are on your mind that are toxic. For example, overthinking happens to the best of us. When faced with a scary and unpredictable situation, it’s easy to think the absolute worst and dwell on it (again, TRUST ME). Although extremely difficult, if you are able to allow for these thoughts to come AND GO, rather than sitting and thinking on them for hours on end, you won’t feel a constant anxiety.
  4. “Things are happening for you, not to you” – When it seems as if nothing is going right in your life and everything seems to be causing stress and anxiety, know that this is all part of the journey to becoming a better you. When faced with many struggles, it is easy for ourselves to see it as these things happening “to” us. This outlook makes it seem as if everything that occurs in your life has a negative connotation. Rather, you should look as your struggles in life as something that builds your character and happens “for” you as it allows for you to learn from experiences and mistakes you make. If you aren’t moving forward, you’re moving backwards.
  5. Have Faith – Whether you have a religion or not or believe in a higher power or not, having faith is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Just knowing that things WILL get better and believing they will, can help you push through the harder times that much stronger. As Kalyn says, the universe is on our side and eventually, everything will all work out for the better.

With so many things changing in life, it seems as if almost nothing can remain constant. However, with that said, know that so many people in your life are supporting you in everything that you do. Whether it’s friends, family, relationships with other people, etc., there are so many people rooting for your success in this difficult and unpredictable world. Whenever I need inspiration, I find myself going straight to Kalyn’s YouTube channel and I think you should do the exact same. Below I will link her video on Stress and Anxiety as well as a link to her overall YouTube channel. I hope that this helped inspire some of you and gave you the motivation to start off the week on a positive note! Just remember to always believe in yourself and know that you are unstoppable.


How To Deal with Anxiety & Stress

Kalyn Nicholson’s YouTube Channel

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