Everyday Makeup


Alright so the title of this post can be a liiittttllleeee misleading…..

Being a college student with fairly early classes, I definitely do NOT do my makeup every morning. However, when I’m feeling up to it and feeling like I want to look like a bad b*tch, I take my time on my makeup and this is the look I use!

With having blue eyes, I’ve learned that rosy pink colors help make my eyes pop. With being someone that owns a lot of natural colored clothes, adding a little color to my eyes is about as exciting and colorful as my life gets. (Okay I’m joking, but not really…).

I always start with my face makeup first, and to anyone out there that does their eyes before their face makeup, just know that I don’t understand you and am not even going to try to understand you.

My skin tends to get very dry on occasion so I first apply a little BB cream (tinted moisturizer) to my face and let that soak in before I continue with my foundation, concealer and then pressed-powder. I used to use just my fingers to apply some of these products but with how naturally oily my face and skin is, I have found that a beauty blender works the best for me to apply product to my face.

Eyebrows are next and what I have found to work the best is to first outline and define the shape with an eyebrow pencil, and THEN go in and pluck any unwanted hairs. This prevents over-excessive plucking and getting rid of necessary hairs. I tend to leave the larger part of my eyebrow as it is and as I work outwards, begin to define more of it. This allows for a more natural look rather than one solid, dark-colored eyebrow.

As I said before, rosy colors help bring out my eye color more which is why I have been loving and using the Naked III palette the most recently. However, I only use these colors in my crease. Before this step, I apply my Urban Decay primer potion along with a natural light-tan color to the inner two-thirds of my lid. Then, with the Naked palette, I use multiple colors in my crease to create a blended effect, again, allowing for a more natural look.

And now for the dreaded, liquid eyeliner. I have found that using a felt-tip, almost marker-like, eyeliner allows for the best control and definition. It creates the perfect-wing, even for those who aren’t so steady handed!

Like always, I finish off with some mascara, and then some contour and highlighter to make my (almost non-existent) cheekbones pop just a little bit.

Although it takes awhile to get the hang of doing makeup, I have found it to be something I absolutely love to do! I love trying new eyeshadow color combinations so stay tuned for more looks!


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