Weekend Shopping Trip

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No, not all of these bags are mine (although, I wish they were).

This past Saturday, my mom, sister and I decided that we were long overdue for some retail therapy. And boy, we were right. We spent the day traveling, first, to the Albertville, MN outlet mall where there was, (yes, you heard it right) a Lululemon outlet along with many other great stores! After this stop, we made our way back to the Mall of America where we spent the rest of our day before heading home. Below is everything that I picked up while shopping (along with two cute pairs of shoes that I bought today because they are just too cute not to post about).

  1. Forever 21 – Alright so this store is basically every college girl’s dream considering their clothes are both cute AND CHEAP!!! The funny thing is, when shopping around, I ended up grabbing the same jean jacket but in different washes and ended up buying both just because I liked both colors so much and couldn’t decide! Along with the two jackets I ended up getting a casual light pint tie-dyed shirt, a long sleeve gray cropped shirt, two tank tops (one in white and one in olive) and a long-sleeve, burnt orange colored bodysuit. (Side note: when standing in the insanely long checkout line, the Badgers clinched a Sweet Sixteen spot in the March Madness tournament when they beat Villanova and everyone looked at us weird when we started cheering but it was worth it).
  2. Lululemon – So although the outlet didn’t have very many black leggings to choose from, I did end up finding a pair of black shorts that were on sale for a really great deal! Once at the Mall of America, I invested in a pair of black 7/8 Wunder Under High Rise leggings. Not only did I get these $30 dollars off (shoutout to the person that got me that gift card, you know who you are), but I know that they will last me a really long time.
  3. Calvin Klein – I’ve always wanted to own a Calvin Klein bra and underwear set but me being the cheapie I am, never wanted to pay full price. With the Calvin Klein outlet in the outlet mall, I was able to buy both for the price of one! I would say that could be considered a win, I don’t know about you.
  4. H&M – With H&M comes cheap yet comfy casual shirts that can be layered with other pieces to make a statement! I’ve always gotten my casual solid colored shirts from here as they are simple enough that they go with everything! I picked up both a black and white loose fitting shirt as well as a mauvy-pink short sleeved top. With spring right around the corner, these shirts will go great with the jean jackets I just purchased!
  5. Lush – Surprisingly, I didn’t go for the typical bath bomb purchase. This time, I opted for a coffee face and body mask as well as a face and body cleanser. I’ve heard nothing but great things about these two products so I can’t wait to try them out!
  6. American Eagle – Recently, I’ve really been big into fun and trendy baseball caps (mainly because I’m a college student and what better to do with a bad hair day than to hide it with a hat??). When I saw this white baseball hat at the American Eagle outlet, I just couldn’t resist. Considering I don’t have a white hat yet, I thought it would be the perfect addition to my collection.
  7. Charlotte Russe – Here I go again with the casual shirts… This time I picked up a really pretty purply-blue colored one, something that will actually add some color to my closet considering I wear gray 9 times out of 10! Along with this, I purchased a really cute olive green colored bodysuit. Shoutout to my mom for picking this one out for me when I din’t see it, don’t know what I would do without you.
  8. Urban Outfitters – Yes, I did it. I bought mom jeans. Judge all you want but surprisingly, they actually fit me really well considering my body type is super weird when it comes to jeans! I can’t wait to try out new outfits while wearing these!
  9. Shoes – And just when I thought I had had enough of shopping, I go and buy two more pairs of shoes today while out with a friend. The first pair, the blush colored loafers, are from Target and they were just way too cute and such a good deal that they were too hard to pass up. You can never have way too many casual shoes! The other pair are a pair of lace up heeled shoes I found at T.J.Maxx that I thought would be great for dressing up with a pair of jeans in the spring or to wear with a dress in the summer! Again, way too good of a deal to pass up on considering T.J.Maxx is a complete hit or miss when it comes to shoe shopping.

I seriously cannot wait to pair all of these new clothing items together, as well as with my current existing pieces, to create new outfits for the upcoming spring season! (If it ever gets here, that is….)

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