Bring on Spring

Recently, a girl that I had attended high school with reached out to me on Instagram to participate in a lifestyle photography shoot. Not only did it provide her with more content to post, but I got some pretty stinking cool photos out of it! For the ones we took outside, I decided to use some pieces I had recently purchased this past weekend (featured in my last post Weekend Shopping Trip) to put together a typical outfit I would wear for the spring season.

As spring approaches, (or it at least should be by now) I can’t wait to try out many new looks and outfits! Here, I wore my newly purchased gray long-sleeve top and medium-wash jean jacket from Forever 21 along with my recently bought blush loafers from Target. Not only did it look good, but it was super comfortable as well! I have to tell you, the ribbed material that a lot of shirts and bodysuits are made of nowadays is just so comfy and it feels like you never really took your pajamas off… And yeah, you could probably guess that I have a Pinterest board dedicated specifically to spring fashion and you best believe that I’m going to be constantly referencing it every time I go to pick out an outfit for the day from now on.

Again, shoutout to Summer Vang for these super cool photos! Don’t forget to check out her Instagram page linked here:

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