Month Recap: March

Well hey, at least the snow is finally gone, am I right?

March was, yet again, another month of realization for me. Not so much the realization of new things, but rather a constant repetition and reminder of what’s truly important in life.

In my Goal Setting: March post, I discussed my hopes of getting into a university that I had applied for, one that I thought would meet my needs and personality better. Well, it turns out that the same university thought that too. Starting next fall, I will officially be a Wisconsin Badger! With the anticipation of waiting for my acceptance letter finally over, I can now take a deep breath and begin to focus on the next journey that’s ahead of me. I can’t wait for all of the future experiences, opportunities and memories to come!

This month I’ve also realized how important it is to not hold back. Whether that be in life, in school, whatever. Never, ever, miss an opportunity to tell someone how you feel or be afraid to be who you are. It’s always better to say “oh well” than “what if.”

Although a quarter of the year is almost over, it feels as if it is just beginning!


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