Goal Setting: April

Once again, my goal setting post for the month is a week late.. Well what are you going to do I guess.

I would like to personally welcome myself to the first home stretch struggle that I will experience in college. Have you ever felt so unmotivated and so defeated that you would rather just lay in bed all day rather than dealing with life? That’s me right now. The past week or so, I have been so unbelievably sick, that it’s, well, unbelievable. I don’t think I have ever cherished a box of lotion tissues more in my life.

However, this bump in the road for me does not mean that life just stops moving for me and my problems. I still had homework, I still had exams, I still had life to deal with. With that being said, I have really found my true strength and have learned that I can work through some of the toughest things.

With the nice weather that is FINALLY here, I’m going to use it as an energy booster and motivation to get me through the rest of the semester. I swear seasonal depression is a real thing, no matter how small or big the effects, and I can’t wait to be able to, well um you know, NOT WEAR A JACKET FOR ONCE.

Only 42 days left until summer! (Not like I’m counting…)


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