Urban Outfitters Sale Haul

One word: Sale.

This word is every broke college girl’s favorite thing. A few days ago when I was online shopping (looking), I discovered that Urban Outfitters was having an additional 40% off their already sale items. So, being the typical girl I am, I started adding things to my cart (with no intention to buy of course) but when I reached the checkout, the total wasn’t even half bad! With all seven items that I purchased, the total ended up only being around $100 and any girl that knows Urban Outfitters knows that that’s a STEAL. So below are the items that I treated myself to (as I don’t normally spend money on clothes for myself) and I can’t wait to wear them!

  1. Project Social T Irresistible Cutout Deep-V Tee

    The V looks deep… and I mean… it kinda is. OH WELL. This shirt looked so amazing that I had to get it in, not one, but two colors!! Despite the fact that the material is on the thinner side, it fits extremely well and has a super cute cut detail on both the sides and the sleeves. Not only that, but the ribbed material is super comfy and soft! Original Price: $49.00; Bought For: $11.99

  2. Out From Under Ribbed Bodysuit

    Although a little hesitant about this bodysuit, for the incredible price it was, I couldn’t just not get it. I’ve kinda fallen into a bodysuit obsession that I can’t seem to get out of… I think this is my 6th now? Once again, OH WELL. You can’t tell from the picture above but this bodysuit has a lower back. I’m struggling on finding a bra to wear with this bodysuit because with the thin material that this is made out of, not wearing one just isn’t an option. I’ve tried on the bralettes I own with this bodysuit and I’ve come to the conclusion that my nude bralette from Vicoria’s Secret (linked here) is my best bet since it’s a front-close and has a lace detail on the back. Original Price: $29.00; Bought For: $11.99

  3. BDG Tomboy Long-Sleeve Tee

    Not only did I receive all of these items yesterday, but I already wore one of these shirts to school today… I’m actually super stoked about these two long-sleeves as they are suuuppppperrr comfy and can basically go with just about anything. Today, I wore the gray long-sleeve with a pair of black basic leggings and my white and gold Adidas superstars. With my style being more simple, these shirts are perfect as they are super versatile and can be worn in many different ways! Original Price: $29.00; Bought For: $8.99

  4. Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Racerback Bralette

    You can’t really tell in the photo above (considering I took these photos around 6pm so the lighting was terrible) but, this bralette is a super bright red color, I’ve never seen anything like it before! I’ve always known Calvin Klein to be a company specializing in more neutral toned underwear products so when I saw this, I fell in love! I already own a grey bralette so I’m excited I now own two!!! And since I’m going to be a Badger next year, red suddenly became my new favorite color…;). Original Price: $28.00; Bought For: $11.99

  5. Silence + Noise Fluffy Pullover Sweatshirt

    Anddddddd the award for comfiest sweatshirt EVER goes to…. Ugh but in all honesty, when I wear this (which I am right now) I feel like I’m being hugged by a giant teddy bear. With the Spring season coming up soon, I won’t be able to wear this much anymore but I can’t wait until Fall rolls around so I can wear this with leggings on a cool day! It’s safe to say that this is now my favorite sweatshirt!!! Original Price: $79.00; Bought For: $23.99

Considering all of these items originally totaled $292 and I bought them all for a whopping $89.93, I would say this is probably my most successful clothing haul yet! There’s only one thing better than new clothes… New clothes that were on sale. (Shoutout to being a broke college student once again).



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