Know Your Worth

Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted? Yeah… Me too.

And for a matter of fact, that’s been me every. single. day. these past few months.

As you can already tell from my previous posts, well, this semester has been less than the best. I’ve really gone through a lot and I appreciate each and every person that has been there for me along the way, and I mean that wholeheartedly. I’ve always liked to think of myself as someone that puts others before herself. Someone that would do anything to make someone’s day or just to see them smile. I’m the type of girl that gets more upset when someone treats one of my friends badly than my friend does, that’s just who I am. I fully invest myself into my emotions because I strongly believe in living every day to the fullest with no regrets. And that’s not really possible if you don’t express how you feel, right?

To all of you reading this who are wondering if this is a breakup post: IT’S NOT

It’s a self-realization post.

And I would like to thank everyone these past few months who have helped me realize exactly how truly special I am. No, I’m not trying to sound conceited, but what good does it do to try to dim yourself down?

My self-realization goes a little something like this: you can do absolutely everything in your damn power to support and care for someone and sometimes, you’re just still not good enough. You can do everything you possibly can to be the best person you can be and try to influence others positively but everything doesn’t always work out in your favor and you end up feeling worse than you did to begin with. (Is this actually resonating with anyone or am I just speaking about myself and myself only?) What I’m really trying to say here is, know your worth. Know how great of a person you are and know that you are amazing. You, my friend, don’t need other people to tell you that. You need to be able to tell yourself that, and I mean it. This support and care that you offer so endlessly to other people? Offer it to yourself and don’t let anyone take advantage of it. Only offer your care to those that want it and that’s it, because I promise you, you will end up feeling a whole lot better about yourself.

If someone doesn’t want you there giving them advice and help guiding them through some issues they are having, DON’T GIVE IT TO THEM. I promise you, I PROMISE YOU, at the end of it all, you will end up feeling worthless and like you aren’t good enough, no matter what you do.

But here’s a fun fact: you can avoid all of this (and I wish I would have learned this sooner)

There’s a little quote that goes like this:

You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people

You will come to reach a time in your life and you will say to yourself, “what’s the point?” Seriously… what is the point of wasting so much time and energy on people that don’t even fully appreciate what you’re doing? That won’t even stop to understand and think about the magnitude of what you’re giving them? It’s useless! Stop focusing so much of your time and energy on people that won’t appreciate it and use it on yourself. If someone doesn’t want to be in your life or doesn’t want you in theirs, DON’T FORCE IT. They’ve made it clear: you’re not important enough to them so don’t waste one more second trying to be.

To all the people out there (that are still reading this), if you have someone that appreciates you, cares for you, and supports you in everything you do, no matter what, consider yourself lucky. And whatever you do, DON’T LET THAT PERSON GO. And to anyone out there that’s in my position or that is still currently wasting their energy on someone that doesn’t even want it, stop. Seriously. Stop. There’s no point to it. And what better of an excuse to only appreciate yourself more?

I will leave you with what I started with: Know your worth


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