Goal Setting: May

11 days

11 days are what stand between myself and the completion of my first year of college. Where did the time go??

As I am sitting in the small study room on my floor of my apartment while writing this, I am beginning to reflect on all of the eye-opening experiences that this first year has brought me. Who knew that college could teach you so many things about yourself and life, all in one short year?

As May progresses, I am working on studying for my final exams as I want to finish off my first year on a positive note (considering I’ve had a lot of negative emotions throughout the course of these months). Making the Dean’s list was a huge deal for me my first semester here and I want to make that a priority again. Not only is it a huge accomplishment, but it gives me something to focus on and work towards as I’m itching to leave this place and begin summer at home.

Once finals are completed, I will move back home and immediately begin working (and by that, I mean within a mere few days). Yes, I know, it sounds nerdy but I’m actually excited to begin working again. It serves as a distraction and will allow myself to make bank while doing it. Now tell me, what college student doesn’t love money? Exactly…

As I say in most of these posts, wish me luck on another month. Who knows what I’ll learn about myself this time.


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