Month Recap: April

Keeping with the “week late” trend of these posts, here is, yet again, another week late month recap post… I’m sorry, but deal with it.

ALMOST THERE. Those are the two words I am repeating over and over again in my head each and every day to keep myself from basically going mentally insane. The recent warm weather has made it extremely difficult for me to keep focused as I have been studying for my exams coming up.

April was a big month for me, and I mean it. I know my posts may seem like they are getting repetitive with the whole “go you” attitude and the “self empowerment” speeches but I promise those aren’t just for you guys to read… They’re for me too. Writing on this blog has helped me to release a lot of negative energy that has been in my life lately so I would like to thank not only the people that read them, but my blog itself for allowing me to have an outlet. Damn, I’m so happy I started this thing.

As for exactly what has happened this past month, that’s for myself and myself only to deal with. I’ve been struggling a lot with dependent issues and always depending on others for happiness (even though I preach about not depending on others all the time. It’s easier said than done, okay??). This past month I’ve really been working on myself and my happiness. Although I may have my moments where I break down and don’t know who to turn to, generally, I’m improving on where I channel my energy and how I turn negatives into positives.

As April has wrapped up, I have, once again, learned so many valuable things about myself. I’ve learned that I’m not a force to be reckoned with, I shouldn’t let anyone take advantage of me and my enormous heart, and that there more people out there supporting me than I thought.


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