Month Recap: May

I would like to personally congratulate myself on not being late with this post considering the last few I have been…

I’m having a hard time coming up with what I want to say for this post mainly because so much has happened in just 31 short days. First, I finished my first year of college and to be honest, with all of the curveballs that were thrown my way, I’m super impressed with how I finished out the year. Once again, ya girl made the dean’s list with all A’s and A-‘s. And no, I’m not putting this out there to receive public attention and gratification. Rather, I’m doing it to show everyone that no matter what cards you are dealt and how awful life may seem for you at the moment, you really can do it.

I am now currently home for the summer, spending my days working and trying to fit everything else around those schedules.

Recently, I’ve found myself hanging out with the coolest group of people. And to be honest, I’m glad I have been hanging out with them because they are real, genuine people that just like to have a good time, something that I need to surround myself with more. If you guys are reading this, shoutout to you because you guys rock.

I’m grateful for the opportunities that the month of May has given me and I can’t wait for what next month will bring!


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