Words vs. Actions

Just throwing this out there… People can tell you something until they’re blue in the face but unless their actions match their words, there’s really no way of knowing if they actually mean what they say or not.

I would know because recently, I’ve had a lot of interaction with this kind of set-up. Someone says something to me, I believe them, and then for some reason, their actions say something completely different. This leaves me questioning everything and wondering if that person is just talking out of nowhere and doesn’t mean it, or if they do mean what they say and they just don’t quite know how to show it.

I’m writing this post to warn a lot of people out there not to make the same mistakes that I have been making recently. Lean on the safe side when wondering whether or not someone is being genuine with you because I promise, if you don’t, you’ll end up feeling more let down than ever. Stay true to yourself and know that the right people will always mean what they say and their actions will align as well.


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