Month Recap: June

As I’m laying in bed writing this post (no I’m not lame I swear, just sick), I am able to reflect back on the first month of summer so far. I can honestly say that today has been my first laid back day since summer started and I’m completely okay with that. It means that this summer is turning out to be the most productive yet.

Believe it or not, half the time I’m working 14 hours a day and I still have continuously had time to hang out with friends and make some great memories. How do I do it you ask? Well, it’s simple, you just get no sleep. But what fun is summer if you’re getting 10 hours of sleep every night? Exactly.

Some of June’s adventures include: pulling an all nighter to watch a sunrise, going to Denny’s with a huge group of people only to order just milkshakes (sorry to our waiter), spending a day at the tiki beach, attending my college orientation and choosing classes for my new school next fall, boating, spending a weekend up north with friends, making smores around a campfire, and seeing Jon Bellion in concert at Summerfest in Milwaukee.

I have actually learned even more about myself this month and just how much I am actually capable of as a person. I am able to realize and reward myself for how hard of a worker I am and that I go after what I want. I have also learned how to just relax more and go with the flow and to not worry so much all the time. Life has a weird way of working itself out and I’m just taking each summer day as it comes and I’m learning to love every second of it.


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