The Fourth of July is a time where America comes together to celebrate our freedom and independence as a country. So basically, if you are seen out in public on this day and you aren’t wearing some type of red, white, and blue outfit or showing your American pride in some other fashion, people start to question you.

Yesterday was the Fourth and after working during the day, my friends and I all decided to travel to a nearby lake to watch fireworks to end the long, but festive, weekend. Because I have pink eye (hence the “sick day” comment made a few posts back) I couldn’t wear any eye makeup, calling for a more casual outfit. I decided to wear mostly white and add a red and blue accent. I wore my white Tevas as mentioned in my June Favorites post with a white tank that I purchased from American Eagle last summer. With this, I wore my dark wash denim jacket and a festive red bandana to create my version of the typical “red, white and blue” outfit.

Although I’m not feeling the greatest considering my throat has been on fire the past week and I sound like a straight up dude, I’m glad I was able to spend this Fourth of July with some of the coolest people I know doing one of the most festive things you can do on this day. (And no I didn’t post any videos of fireworks on my snap story if you’re wondering, I’m not one of thoosssseeeee people).




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