Goal Setting: August

Okay so with how busy my summer has been, hopefully this is the last time I’m late with one of these (but no promises there) (obviously, given my track record).


15 days are left before I start up school once again, this time in the place I was meant to be right from the start. 15 days seems like ages from now but thinking about it, the amount of time that stands between myself and move-in day is the same amount of time since August 1st, which seems like yesterday, so….

My goal for this month is to finish out both of my summer jobs working as hard as I can while still managing my time to hangout with friends and of course, pack, before I leave. However, one thing I am extremely enthused about is the fact that I don’t have to go through a hard goodbye with one of my best friends as she is taking this new journey with me as my ROOMMATE. (I’m pretty sure everyone has heard about this before but I’m just mentioning it again considering how excited I am).

And yes, our dorm will look like it’s straight out of a Pinterest post because for 1, Pinterest is my one true love and 2, who doesn’t love a cute dorm? We want to make our new space feel as homey as possible considering a lot of time will be spent there studying, hanging out with friends, and having old Disney movie marathons (okay, don’t even judge us for this. Our childhood friendship was based on our shared love for these movies). So, like second semester last year, stay tuned for another “new room” post considering this will probably be the best one yet.

I’ve been stressing myself out a lot lately trying to “get all my ducks in a row,” as my mother would say, for this upcoming year and as nerve-wracking as it may sound, I could not be more ready to finally get the fresh start I’ve been waiting for and to finally feel at home and in a place I belong.

Like I said, only 15 days stand between myself and a new beginning and although I will miss home immensely, my excitement for what’s to come is indescribable and to be able to take that on with my best friend makes me that much more eager to go.


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