Autumn Essentials LookBook

With fall quickly approaching (as well as college move-in day) my best friend and future roommate and I decided to put together a fall look book containing many different types of outfits using 5 standard “fall pieces.” For these pieces we chose items that are very versatile in the short season and that can go with a lot of different things. These items include: A black vest, green jacket, bean boots, black jeans and blanket scarves. We had so much fun putting together outfits so take a look below, you may just find some fall outfit inspiration yourself!

Outfit #1: 

Items used: Black vest & blanket scarf

With the first outfit, we decided to dress up the vest and scarf by pairing it with a gray dress and heeled booties. This outfit would be perfect for a casual date night with friends! (Fun fact: I got this blanket scarf on Etsy for around only $10!)

Outfit #2:

Items used: Green jacket & bean boots

For the second outfit, we decided to keep a more casual look by pairing the green jacket with a basic black and white plaid shirt I recently picked up from Forever 21. When I think of the fall season, the first thing that comes to mind is plaid and flannels so it was important for us to show this trend in one of our looks!

Outfit #3:

Items used: Black jeans & blanket scarf

Another huge trend for the fall season is mixing patterns to create a more unique look. Kate has this super cute white and black peplum shirt that we paired with her leather jacket and blanket scarf. She wore the same heeled booties she wore in her first outfit, but this time wore them in a more casual way. Versatility is key!

Outfit #4:

Items used: Blanket scarf, black jeans & bean boots

Sweaters are a fall go-to so with this outfit we incorporated that with two of our essential pieces to create an everyday look. During my recent trip to Forever 21, I found this super cute black floppy hat for super cheap. I can’t wait to wear it more as the season approaches!

Outfit #5:

Items used: Green jacket & bean boots

This outfit is considerably more “dressed down” than the others. The green jacket is a perfect way to add interest and layers to a simple, white t-shirt. Layers are essential during our fall season’s fluctuating temperatures. Paired with the bean boots, you have an effortless fall outfit!

Outfit #6:

Items used: Black vest & blanket scarf

Being a college student means being able to get dressed in record timing (mostly because you want to savor every minute of sleep before class) so this outfit was chosen with that in mind! The black vest and blanket scarf were paired with a simple gray long sleeve and ripped skinny jeans creating the perfect “I put this together in 20 seconds” outfit!

Yes it is still August and yes we took these pictures in 70 degree weather but that just shows exactly how excited we are for fall and what’s ahead of us in just a few short days. If you want to check out more of my fall outfit ideas, linked below is my fall style Pinterest board!


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