Month Recap: August

I would just like to start off this post by taking the time to thank everyone that helped me push through this incredibly long but rewarding summer. So many people encouraged me to continue on through long work weeks and I’m so thankful that I had friends that made work during the week worthwhile on the weekends. I have made so many memories that I will never forget and friends that I will have forever.

With this summer, I am incredibly proud of myself for being able to save up so much money for my college education as it is a personal goal of mine to finish college with as little debt as possible. Of course I’m not going to make enough every summer to pay for the upcoming year (as that would be nearly impossible) but I like to think that every little bit counts. The more I save now, the less I will have to pay back in loans once I graduate.

As I move forward into this new school year, I’m excited to continue my hard work into my studies and see where the year takes me!


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