Month Recap: September

With September and already a week of October over, I think it would be best if I made a reappearance and updated everyone with how my first month at Madison went.

If I were given the chance to sum up the past month in only three words, I think it would be appropriate to choose: challenging, exciting and eye-opening.

Challenging is due to the fact that it has become hard to juggle the many different homework assignments, quizzes and midterms that are associated with each class that I am enrolled in. Not only that, but recently, I applied for and accepted a position at the fashion and lifestyle magazine on our campus, Moda Magazine (shameless plug; check out the website at and look out for articles being posted online soon by yours truly!). Although it may be challenging, the rewards so far have been indescribable and I am so grateful that I have finally found a place for myself that feels like home.

Exciting would characterize all of the countless memories and many people that I never thought I would ever have the chance to experience or meet. It’s not hard to assume that my best friend and I grow closer by the hour as we are constantly spending every day living with each other, but we have also connected with so many other wonderful people as well.

And that brings me to eye-opening, the word I would use if I had to describe Madison in only one. Since moving in, I have spent a lot of time self-reflecting and realigning my life goals with what I want to achieve this year. I’ve been taking a lot more time for myself and have been focusing on doing what’s best for me. And I do have to say, I feel great while doing it too. For the first time in a half a year, I finally feel like my whole self again but this time, I’m better than I ever have been before.

Overall, this past month has been unforgettable and has already given me so many opportunities to better myself and with how this first month went, I can’t wait to see what the rest have in store.


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