Goal Setting: November

I’ve been finding myself struggling lately, not so much in a negative way but in a way where I feel as if my life has become a routine. Wake up, shower, go to class, eat (occasionally), do boatloads of homework and sleep (hopefully enough) just so I can repeat it all the next day. Although this is the life of a typical college student, especially at this time of the year with midterms and large projects, I feel as if I shouldn’t allow myself to fall into a rut.

One thing that I am challenging myself to do this November is to find different ways to switch up my daily routine to keep my days substantial. Whether this be finding different places to do homework (because, let’s face it, homework is inevitable), finding a new place to eat or food to try, or even watching a new series on Netflix, I want to be able to feel as if I’m not following a strict schedule. I should ultimately be controlling my life, not the other way around where my life controls me.

I challenge you to take this on with me and to work to switch up your routine each day. You’ll actually be surprised with the results and how they affect your overall daily happiness and motivation!


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