Make Yourself a Morning Person


by Shelby Spiegel, Lifestyle Staff Writer

Photographed by Shelby Spiegel

If you are struggling to get out of bed in the morning, cannot find the motivation to finish your daily tasks and feel like your bed is 10 times more comfortable in the morning, you are probably a college student. Better yet, you are not alone; we have all been there before. More often than not, being a morning person is one thing that most people have trouble with, especially during college. Late nights at the library working on homework and preparing for the upcoming weekly schedule cause major sleep deprivation, making it harder to get up in the morning. Fear not, however, because there are a few quick fixes to turn your sluggish morning into an alert and go-getting start to the day.

Natural sunlight is an easy way to boost yourself out of bed. A dark room creates a cozy sleeping environment, making it harder to leave your bedroom. By opening the blinds before you fall asleep at night, the natural sunlight will help to wake you up with the chirping birds. However, the sunlight alone will not guarantee the “jump out of bed” attitude you are seeking.

Another method that is extremely beneficial is to count down from five and commit to getting out of bed once you reach one. Counting down usually increases motivation to do things that seem scary or unenjoyable, and getting out of bed is no exception. When I find myself enjoying the warmth and comfort of my bed, but I know the clock is ticking down and eating into my morning routine time, I use this method and it works like a charm.

One activity I find extremely beneficial is spending about 5 minutes writing down a daily to-do list. Whether it is in your planner or on a piece of paper that you keep with you throughout the day, creating a list of tasks you want to accomplish will help you visualize your daily goals and will lead to a more productive day. This can be done while preparing a cup of hot coffee or tea, a fulfilling breakfast or listening to cheery morning tunes to help with the wake-up process. There is nothing better than having “me time” in the morning; I use this time to prepare myself for the day to come. It is surprising how positive the effects are if you just take a few moments to focus on yourself.

Lastly, your time in the morning can be spent catching up with the world around you. When I wake up, I tend to open a few of my social media apps to catch up on current events and different popular accounts. I also check the weather and plan my outfit for the day accordingly. These small updates help prepare yourself for the day to come and keep you more aware of what is going on around you.

A morning person is not something that many identify as, myself included. However, that does not mean mornings will always be terrible. By taking a few of these small steps into consideration, preparing yourself for the day can help increase your productivity and make for a better day overall. Next time you find yourself laying in bed and cannot get up, I challenge you to count down from five.

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