On-The-Go Student Essentials


by Shelby Spiegel, Lifestyle Staff Writer

College students specialize in being constantly on the move. Whether it be from class to class, spending hours in the library or managing extracurricular activities, students spend most of their time out and about. Because of this, it is extremely important to keep life’s essentials with you at all times.

Many students will agree that making it through the day without listening to music is almost as difficult as having three papers due on the same day. Headphones are an essential for staying awake and involved in daily activities, as well as helping with overall productivity level. In addition, listening to your favorite songs or playlist can boost your mood and increase your attitude about the day. Music, although not a physical object, is critical to maintaining your sanity while on-the-go. Pack your favorite pair of headphones whenever you leave for the day.

With technology on the rise in today’s society and the world at our fingertips, it is important that college students stay connected to email, social media and online class resources at all times. Portable chargers are an invention that allow more access to the world on our handheld devices through the ability to recharge wherever and whenever. Carrying one with you will ensure that you always have a way to check updates on class assignments, text your mom and listen to your beloved music. This mobility also allows college students to create networks as well as interact with the social world, which greatly contributes to school success.

The busier we get, the easier it is to forget the bare necessities for our well-being. Remembering to take a few second-pause in your routine to take a drink of water is extremely important, considering hydration is a key to success and productivity. Carrying a water bottle with you will provide the refreshment you need to make it through the day. Reusable water bottles are better for the environment and come in many different styles, including versions that specialize in keeping drinks cold for long periods of time or infusing fruit into the water.

Winter months are fast approaching and with this comes windy weather. Many long-haired people will probably agree that walking with the wind in your face without a hair tie is a frustrating situation. Keeping a tie on your wrist at all times is something that is easy to do yet often forgotten. Take the extra step each morning to slip one on your wrist or throw a few in your backpack for backups. You never know when it might come in handy, and this way you are prepared for all situations. On that note, be sure to slip a packet of tissues into your bag to protect from wind-induced runny noses.

The heart of midterm season is the time when most students are at their breaking points and are looking forward to those few relaxing days of Thanksgiving break. With minds focused on upcoming tests and assignments, it is easy to forget essential on-the-go items. As you make your way out the door each day, set yourself up for success by carrying these items with you at all times.


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