Goal Setting: December

As much as it pains me to say this, it doesn’t feel like Christmas time. At. All.

Yeah my roommate and I had a Christmas tree in our room up until a day ago when she left me, yeah I’ve been buying gifts for others, but like, hear me out.

There is absolutely no snow in Madison, not one snowflake in sight. Final projects, essays and exams pile higher than the snowbanks in my hometown. I mean, I haven’t even had one of my mother’s incredible Christmas cutout cookies yet. You guys, this is the epitome of the opposite of the Christmas spirit and I absolutely hate it.

That’s a couple things that I miss more than anything: being home with my family leading up to the holiday season, decorating the house and tree, making cookies, even shoveling snow with my sister (except no one tell her that because then she’ll actually make me help her and I’m not about to do work when I’m home). It just gives you this warm feeling inside that I can’t quite explain and ever since I’ve gone off to college and spent the last two years away from home leading up to Christmas, it really makes me miss those times.

I guess I don’t really know where I’m trying to go with this post except for the fact that the one goal that I’m going to set for myself this month (or have set already considering it’s already the 17th LMAO) is that I need to work hard during finals in order to fully deserve this upcoming holiday season. I truly believe that the harder I work and the more I push myself to do, the more I will appreciate being at home with my family for a month. A break is well needed but I will only fully deserve the break if I work hard enough to get there.

So, that’s exactly what I have been doing and will continue to do. Exactly three days stand between me and my bed at home and during that span of time, I have 5 chapters to read, 2 study guides to make, one final essay to submit and 2 final exams to take.

I don’t know about you but I believe I can do it (as much as I don’t want to lmao).

Well, here goes.


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