Braided Updo 2.0

Okay so almost exactly a year ago, I first debuted this hairstyle on this blog as I had recently discovered how to do a fast, quick yet stylish messy bun! I completed the hairstyle on my roommate at the time, Gretchen, and she totally rocked it. However, recently, when messing around with my hair (as I usually do almost every second of every day) I figured out how to do it on my own hair!

I started the hairstyle by braiding two sections of hair, one on either side of my part (you can’t see the other one in the photo obviously). I then pinned these out of the way and teased the rest of my hair with a small teasing comb to give it more volume. To add even more texture, I twirled and twisted some pieces of hair as I gathered all of the hair together (this can be seen right above the braid as some of the hair has been twisted to create some texture).

I then proceeded to use the same messy bun hair tutorial that I have used ever since I discovered how easy this was to do! Located below are my previous blog posts describing how to complete this look! I was surprised that it turned out this good on my first try (even though I did use about 20+ bobby pins). Try it for yourself, you never know how good it might turn out!


Quick and Easy Messy Bun

Braided Updo

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