Goal Setting: January/New Year

And just like that, another year has passed. And what a year it has been too. I went through a long, long, LONG list of hardships, encountered many firsts and continued to grow as an individual, all while flying by the seat of my pants. This past year was a true test for just how strong of a person I am and how hard I’m willing to work to get to where I want. And the end of this year was not the end of that by any means, it was only just the beginning.

This winter break, I have decided to take time to wind down and to just enjoy some “me” time. With how fast-paced, jam packed and stressful the past semester was, I’ve been enjoying just taking some time to chill at home with my dog. So no, I don’t feel extremely guilty sleeping until 10 or 11 am sometimes and spending my day doing almost nothing (I mean, that’s what breaks are for, right?). I thoroughly believe I deserve this small break so I can recharge and go back next semester more ready than ever to take on new challenges that come my way (including Calculus, wish me luck lmao).

Although many believe new year’s resolutions are overrated, I thoroughly believe that they are not as they provide an excuse for many to make changes, whether they be drastic or small, to themselves that they may have been scared or unprepared to do prior. Reflecting back on last year’s resolutions that I discussed in my last new year’s post, I have seen so much improvement in both my organization skills as well as my self-confidence. Prior to 2017, these areas were necessarily lacking, rather, they were just areas that I really wanted to focus on and over the past year, I have felt I have done just that.

This upcoming year, I have decided to focus more on putting energy into bettering things that already exist in my life. One of these includes posting on this blog more, something that really helped me discover my love for writing. Over the past couple months, I have really let life get in the way and have always put off writing for other things. Rather, I need to continue to keep it a part of my daily life as I really believe it will help me continue to succeed in the upcoming year.

Overall, I’m ecstatic to see what 2018 will bring me considering 2017 brought me so many friendships, opportunities and memories that I couldn’t have even begun to imagine would ever come to be. I hope everyone takes advantage of the new year and tries something new or does something they’ve always wanted to do as there is no better time for it than now!




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