Goal Setting: March

Even though last month I vowed to myself to try harder this month to snap out of the rut I found myself in and to try to start being more productive, I just haven’t been able to do it yet. Although March has seen glimpses of warm weather here and there that have been mood boosters, my productivity has been at an all time low. I mean just look at how late I’m writing this for example.

And, not to mention, I have been falling behind in my classes and as much as I want to get ahead and be productive once again, I don’t even know where to begin. I haven’t even seen the inside of my bullet journal since the end of January, how sad is that?


Starting today, March 20th (almost April lol), I have vowed to myself to try small things to help get the ball rolling in the right direction once again, starting with the single-handedly most important thing to me that has helped me every time I find myself in a rut.

This writing platform has allowed me to create my own personal therapist and organize my otherwise looming thoughts that find themselves swirling around inside my head day-in and day-out. I feel like part of the reason why I have not been able to pull myself out of this unproductive stage in my life is because I have not been utilizing this platform to it’s full potential.

But fear not everyone, I am back and am going to try my best to post as much as I can. Not only will this help me to regain my productiveness, but it will also help my creativity continue to release itself rather than be bottled up inside of me. I hope that focusing more of my energy on this blog and becoming more organized will eventually help everything else fall into place.

In order to put my plans into action, I have decided to make it a challenge for myself to write a post everyday while I’m on break. With my family taking it’s first spring break together EVER, not only will I have many things to write about, but I will also have TIME to do it (something I have found myself not having much of recently).

SO, long story short, here’s to hoping I get my head out of my ass, the weather warms up and I get my shit together in both my classes and in life.



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