Month Recap: February

I have to say that I am thoroughly disappointed in myself as this is the longest I have waited to complete a post like this. I might as well just skip these and wait one more week for the end of March and just scratch these.

However, my slightly OCD self would go insane if one month was missing. Thus, here I am writing these extremely late. Once again, my deepest apologies.

February has since come and gone and honestly, was a month of pure struggle. This semester in college has been kicking my ass and the second month of the year was a complete representation of that. I have come to realize that with each winter comes a slightly dimmer version of myself. I tend to be less productive, don’t set as many goals for myself and well, I’m just really not myself. I try my best to combat this as much I can but living in Wisconsin is just the biggest mood killer ever.

Each day, I found myself waking up and trying to survive through the hours of the day, just waiting for the moment I could crawl back into bed and mute out the rest of the world. February is the month where everyone just wants the cold to be OVER WITH. And I was no exception.

It’s hard to explain if you don’t live in a northern state such as Wisconsin but the cold can start to take a psychological toll on you. However, with the cold months (mostly) in the past, I am looking forward to March as spring break finds itself falling from the 23rd to the 1st of April.

Here’s to hoping I become my more ambitious and productive self again.


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