Goal Setting: April

Well, since these posts are all about setting goals (hence, goal setting) I figured I would really try hard with this one (and by that I mean actually be on time with posting it) and come up with five goals for myself that I will then report back on at the end of the month. This way, I’m able to discuss more in these posts and get more use out of them.

I. Stop Procrastinating

Okay so this one has been extremely hard for me, especially in these past few winter months (and apparently continuing considering it’s CURRENTLY snowing). I’ve found myself laying in bed for hours on end and then upset with myself that I didn’t get as much done that I wanted to (yet, I do it every. single. day.). And, although this is very self-driven, I would like to think that seasonal depression has been a small contributing factor considering I am way less productive now than I am at any other time of year. Nonetheless, I will do my best to stay on top of my shit, including this platform.

II. Make To-Do Lists (and Finish Them!!!)

I am QUEEN of to-do lists so it doesn’t really make sense that this is really one of my goals for April until it comes to FINISHING and COMPLETING them. I swear I have like five of them scattered across my desk right now which brings me to my third goal…

III. Be More Organized

I know this seem kind of like a given but you know what I mean if you are close to me. A HUGE part of me wants me to be so organized it’s insane but that’s only about as far as it gets. I never actually go through with it. (You can start to see a pattern in some of these goals now, can’t you?)

IV. Eat Healthier

This is another one that seems kind of basic but it’s harder than you think when stuck in a dorm room with nothing but a microwave to cook food in (unless you want to walk allllllll the way down the hallway to the kitchen and get pans from the front desk which no one wants to do). Once the weather becomes nicer (hopefully), it is my intent to eat healthier places and spend less time making food in my room.

V. Exercise More

With living in a dorm room that has a main floor with a workout room, you would think that this would be extremely easy. However, it is so damn packed in there that you can’t even breathe or think, let alone work out, in there. That’s why I’m hoping it warms up sooner than later as I would like to start going on runs more often outside.

So, I know setting goals is easier for me than actually doing them (as already discussed above) but we’re really going to give this one a shot you guys, I’m really going to try with this one. Here’s to hoping I get my shit together in April.


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