Braided Updo 2.0

Okay so almost exactly a year ago, I first debuted this hairstyle on this blog as I had recently discovered how to do a fast, quick yet stylish messy bun! I completed the hairstyle on my roommate at the time, Gretchen, and she totally rocked it. However, recently, when messing around with my hair (as … More Braided Updo 2.0

Everyday Makeup

  Alright so the title of this post can be a liiittttllleeee misleading….. Being a college student with fairly early classes, I definitely do NOT do my makeup every morning. However, when I’m feeling up to it and feeling like I want to look like a bad b*tch, I take my time on my makeup … More Everyday Makeup

Braided Half-Up Pony

So if you don’t already know, this is my roommate, Gretchen. Basically, all you have to know about us is that our friendship is built on a shared love for food, anything Spongebob related and my ability to recreate any hairstyle found on Pinterest, but on her head. With one hour before our friends’ Valentines … More Braided Half-Up Pony

Formal Dance Updo

Ahhhhhh yesssss. The sweet, sweet smell of flower corsages and gallons of hairspray in the air. That’s right, it’s winter formal season and what better way to save money than to do your sister’s hair yourself! I know how stressful it was being a high school girl and trying to plan the hair appointment, who … More Formal Dance Updo

Pull-Through Braid

Okay but if you say you don’t get staticky hair in the winter, you’re lying. I find myself always wanting to put my hair up around this time of year as I simply cannot stand it when it sticks to my face. Recently I found this pull-through braid on Pinterest and thought I would give … More Pull-Through Braid

Braided Updo

As many of you can probably already tell, I love doing hairstyles on other people. Something about it just makes me so happy. One of my favorite things is searching Pinterest for new hairstyles to challenge me and what I can do. A couple posts back, I showed you all a recent bun tutorial that … More Braided Updo