The Fourth of July is a time where America comes together to celebrate our freedom and independence as a country. So basically, if you are seen out in public on this day and you aren’t wearing some type of red, white, and blue outfit or showing your American pride in some other fashion, people start … More 07/04/17

Bring on Spring

Recently, a girl that I had attended high school with reached out to me on Instagram to participate in a lifestyle photography shoot. Not only did it provide her with more content to post, but I got some pretty stinking cool photos out of it! For the ones we took outside, I decided to use … More Bring on Spring

Weekend Shopping Trip

No, not all of these bags are mine (although, I wish they were). This past Saturday, my mom, sister and I decided that we were long overdue for some retail therapy. And boy, we were right. We spent the day traveling, first, to the Albertville, MN outlet mall where there was, (yes, you heard it … More Weekend Shopping Trip