Month Recap: August

I would just like to start off this post by taking the time to thank everyone that helped me push through this incredibly long but rewarding summer. So many people encouraged me to continue on through long work weeks and I’m so thankful that I had friends that made work during the week worthwhile on … More Month Recap: August

Month Recap: July

With 2/3 of summer now over, I’ve realized just how blessed I have been these past few months, this past month especially. I have been given so many wonderful opportunities and have made countless memories with some amazing people. One thing that I really became aware of this past month was the meaning of true … More Month Recap: July

Goal Setting: July

Sick days call for catching up on blog posts, am I right? I guess there are both positives and negatives to being so behind. The down side being not being able to have time to write about everything that I want to, but the positive being that I’m having such a productive summer that I … More Goal Setting: July

Month Recap: June

As I’m laying in bed writing this post (no I’m not lame I swear, just sick), I am able to reflect back on the first month of summer so far. I can honestly say that today has been my first laid back day since summer started and I’m completely okay with that. It means that … More Month Recap: June

Goal Setting: June

Yes, yes, I know… what’s the point of making this post if June is almost already over? Well, if I didn’t, my super particular (although, sometimes late) self would never let herself live it down that she missed a post like this, so, I’m doing it. JUDGE ME. Back at the beginning of this month, … More Goal Setting: June

Month Recap: May

I would like to personally congratulate myself on not being late with this post considering the last few I have been… I’m having a hard time coming up with what I want to say for this post mainly because so much has happened in just 31 short days. First, I finished my first year of … More Month Recap: May